Into the Home Stretch–February WriteMotivation Update

This month has flown by for me. I know it’s a short month, but it has also been an extraordinarily busy one. I’ve had work commitments, family functions, several social engagements (love that phrase, it makes my movie nights with friends sound posh), and volunteer responsibilities with the animal shelter we support. We also took on a new foster dog, Oswin. She’s a wild and crazy 7 month-old chihuahua cross who also happens to be pregnant. This could throw a wrench in my plans for the next few months, as we will have her and her future puppies until they are all ready for adoption. So you would think this insanity would throw me off writing, right?

Actually, this has been the most productive month for me since November. And apart from NaNoWriMo, it’s the most active I’ve been in my writing groups, on Twitter, on this blog, and even in my home-based business in nearly a year. I’m short on my revision hours, but am making great progress. I’ve got a couple of ideas for new projects to work on once I’m done revising PQ. I’m learning how to use G+ and other social media better to network with other writers and people in the book industry. I’ve also been gathering resources for the research I need to do to before writing my next draft.

So what has spurred this surge of activity? The answer isn’t all that profound. I simply STARTED. Contrary to popular belief, the best way to find happiness is not necessarily to simplify everything and cut back on your activities. Instead, I firmly believe that it’s more a matter of dedicating your time and energy to things you love and people who support you in your passions. I’m so grateful to have found an amazing group of writers here in Kansas City who I get to hang out with every week. They fill my cup in so many ways. Sometimes it’s just with words of encouragement, other times it’s more literal with tall pours of tasty beer or hot tea and good food to go with it. Connecting with them takes time, of course, but I never consider it time wasted, even if I don’t always get much writing done. When I don’t spend time with them or with others who share my love of books, I notice my productivity diminish and my attitude sour. I’m a more pleasant person to be around in general when I’ve been spending time doing more things I love, not less.

I encourage everybody to find what they love and pursue it ruthlessly. For me it’s books, food, and shelter dogs. When I find time for all of these in a month, like I have this month, it’s amazing how much better I feel and how much I can accomplish.

Here is my #WriteMotivation update so far, going into the last week of the month…

  • I’m up to 17.25 hours of revision so far (out of 30)
  • This is my 3rd blog post of the month (out of 5)
  • I’ve already made 4 write-ins with my local group–GOAL REACHED!!

I’m very satisfied with my progress, especially since this is my first month doing WriteMotivation. Sign-ups are available for March, and I’ll be posting my new goals later this week, and would encourage anyone who’s on the fence to do the same. It’s incredible how just having a little accountability and a huge cheering section can make it so much easier to reach your goals!

Now I’m off to catch up on my revision hours. Fair warning to all #WriteMotivation peeps and others: I will be unavailable for at least the next couple of days as I work on my revision outline. I’m hoping to get most of it done tonight, but since this book needs to almost double in length in rewrite, it could take quite some time. I will catch up on comments once that is done.

A final note, unrelated to writing but very near to my heart… Many of you probably saw the terrible news reports this past week about a little 8-week-old puppy who was abused and fed bleach. Little Bridget and her two siblings were rescued by our animal shelter, Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption. I am so proud to be a part of this incredible organization. We discovered Unleashed when we adopted our first dog, Charlie, a little over a year ago. They do amazing work pulling animals from high-kill shelters, doing community outreach to teach about proper pet care and assist those who may not be able to afford essentials for their animals, and rescuing special animals like Bridget. I was horrified to see the cruelty she had suffered, but am blown away by the support our shelter has received since the story broke. Bridget is recovering better than anyone dreamed, is in a wonderful foster home, and already has an adopter lined up once she’s ready. I just wanted to share because this has been a huge part of our lives this past week. If you want to read more about Bridget’s story and see the amazing updates on her progress, check out her Pet Caring Page. Be prepared for some tough photos, but also some adorable update pictures. Thank you, Unleashed, for all you do!



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3 responses to “Into the Home Stretch–February WriteMotivation Update

  1. You’ve made awesome progress for the month. Great job even if you didn’t get to cross off each goal. On to March!

  2. Good luck on your revisions. And love the story about Little Bridget.

  3. Both of my fur babies are rescues as well. I can’t imagine anyone doing such a thing to an animal any more than I can imagine someone doing that to a child. It’s such a horrid thing that goes beyond a moment of rage in to true sadistic malice. So you made me cry and on Monday even 😦 but I was cheered to see how much people had raised toward her care. YAY!

    Nice work on your February goals. I know you will do even better in March. Looking forward to more of your posts!

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