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Keep me off the cart

I promise, I’m not dead.

did, however, manage to badly bruise my forearm and sprain my wrist and hand. (I wish I could say I have a good story for the injury. But really, I fell victim to a small dog who really wanted to chase a bird. True story.) I’m now three and a half weeks post-injury and still struggling with bad pain. Nothing was fractured, thankfully, but I was told yesterday that it could feasibly take another 6-8 weeks to heal.

I know that in the grand scheme of things this is a very small thing. As I said, I’m not dying. But this ridiculous injury has kept me from doing much writing, as both typing and hand writing are painful. My big March goals for WriteMotivation were pretty much left by the wayside. The one goal I did reach was my reading goal. I read three amazing YA novels, and nearly half of a fourth. And the effect of this writing hiatus was unexpected.

It wasn’t the end of the world. I hated not being able to work on revision after making such good progress in February. I was sure it was going to kill my creativity. And in some ways it did derail me, because I spent a good week or so in a fog of pain and medication immediately after my injury. But ultimately, I found new ideas pouring forth that I can’t wait to write.

Time spent away from my existing manuscript gave me freedom, and filling up with the gorgeous words and worlds of other writers inspired me. I’m hoping in the months to come that I will learn to strike a balance between the need to work consistently and persistently on writing new words or revising existing ones and the need to step back, to explore the world, and to remember that a love of books is the biggest reason I want to write in the first place. I just hope that life doesn’t give me any more injuries to teach me to relax.

So farewell, March. I’ve made it through to April. And even though I’ve been absent, my writer self is far from dead. I’ve revamped my WriteMotivation goals for this month, and I’m moving forward.

Here are my April WriteMotivation goals:

  1. Finish my focus outline for my PQ revision.
  2. Log 20 hours of revision work on PQ. (I’ll be focusing on reworking plot/subplots and refining characters.)
  3. Visit the blogs of all WriteMotivation participants at least once.
  4. Read 2 novels and 1 trade book. (I’ve got a few good ones just waiting to be read!)
  5. Post to my blog weekly.
  6. Attend at least 3 write-ins with my local writing group.
  7. Camp NaNoWriMo goal: Write 2-3 short stories as warm-up for November’s project. These will be set in the same world as that novel, each one a collection of journal entries or blog posts from the perspective of a different character.

So that’s it. I have a few bonus goals in mind should I miraculously complete all of these with ease. Congrats (and cookies) to all the WM peeps who met their goals! Good luck and happy writing to all participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month!


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