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My Big, Fun, Scary Goals for 2015!

It probably says something about how my year is going so far when it’s nearly the end of January and I’m just now writing my first post of 2015. (Never mind for the moment the fact that I didn’t write anything for the interwebs for pretty much the entire second half of last year.) In truth, I’ve been using the month thus far to make progress on one very big goal. You see, I’ve decided to up my reading goal this year. My self-imposed challenge is to read 100 books in 2015. Clearly I’m insane.

To illustrate how crazy I am to take this challenge, let me tell you how last year went. I set a goal of thirty books, which felt like a stretch, but seemed reachable. I didn’t even come close. In a valiant push to the finish, I ended the year having finished a whopping ten books. And one of those was a picture book. (It was actually research for my NaNo novel, I swear.)

So far this year, though, I’m ahead of pace. I’ve finished six books already, and am nearly done with a seventh. I have the support of my local writing group, and we’ve even started a book club of sorts. I suspect this was created partially because they know I won’t get anywhere near my goal if I don’t have accountability, and my friends are awesome. We all decided to stretch our reading goals this year, so I may be insane, but at least I’m not alone.

In NaNoWriMo, there is a tradition of setting Big, Fun, Scary Goals after November ends each year. The reading challenge is just one of mine. Here are the others, in no particular order…

  • Take a trip for my 15th wedding anniversary in May (we’re thinking San Francisco)
  • Actively blog. Okay, so I’m already behind on my goals, which were bi-weekly posts here, and weekly posts on my new dog rescue blog. But I’ve got some good ideas, and should be caught up soon.
  • Finally get through revision of my urban fantasy from NaNo 2011 and send said project to readers for feedback (Eek!!!)
  • Take care of myself by exercising more and cooking at home more this year. I’ve broken this down into gradually increasing, tangible monthly goals, and I’m actually doing quite well so far.
  • Start planning next year’s NaNoWriMo project early, and shoot for 100k words total in the month of November. I have an early idea for this year’s story, but I don’t think it’s one I can get 100k out of, so I may try it for Camp instead and figure something else out for November.
  • Which brings me to Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve never managed a win during Camp, so I would like to achieve that for at least one session this year. I’m planning a shorter goal, maybe just finish my FBK project from last year.

That’s pretty much it. Last year was turbulent, sometimes painful, sometimes amazing. There will be some posts eventually about the year that was, but right now I’m content to have come out on the other side, and to be on my way to a better year in 2015. I’d love to hear about your goals, and if you’re on Goodreads, why not join the challenge? You can set any goal you want, but if you’re crazy enough, join me in a #100bookyear. I figure even if I don’t make it to my goal, I’ve already read some fantastic books so far, and am getting excited about reading and writing again when I had lost some of my passion this past year. So a belated happy 2015, everyone!



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