D is for Drusilla (Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton)

DTo say I loved Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton is a massive understatement. This very dark YA fantasy is set in a small town in Kansas, where Drusilla (Silla) and her brother Reese have just lost their parents in a gruesome apparent murder-suicide. Then one day, Silla receives a book of spells written in her fathers hand, along with a letter from a mysterious person known only as the Deacon.

Silla decides to try the magic, believing fervently that her father didn’t kill her mother and himself. But discovering the magic is real is only the beginning. She and her brother, along with newcomer Nick–who has a history with the magic that he’d rather forget–must learn to master the spells and uncover the identity of her parents’ real killer, who would like nothing better than to drain them of their blood in hopes of gaining immortality.

The mystery element of this story is carried out with a sort of dual story structure. On the one hand, you have Silla and Nick’s contemporary tale, on the other, the journal entries of Josephine Darly, born in the late 1800s, tell the story of a young woman who becomes obsessed with the magic and with her own mentor, and uses the blood of other practitioners to extend her life by decades. The opening line of the book is, “I am Josephine Darly, and I intend to live forever.” Gratton tells Josephine’s story beautifully, and truly leaves the reader guessing as to her identity. She sets up three distinct possibilities, all of whom have deep connections to Silla and Reese, making uncovering Josephine’s identity a dangerous task.

More than anything, I applaud Gratton for her very real telling of a teen in grief, both with the loss of Silla’s parents and as she deals with a profound loss within the story. From the physical shock she goes through to the way her friends and classmates treat her differently than before, it echoed my own experiences from when I lost my brother when I was 17. Since books were such a help to me in my own grief, I applaud her for not glossing over the pain of loss.

There is more to this story than meets the eye, and I am so glad that I finally read it. I should also mention that my husband snagged it from my book pile before I read it, and now compares pretty much every new book he reads to it. (“Well, I liked that one, but it’s no Blood Magic.”) So I’m not alone. He’s currently reading The Blood Keeper, Gratton’s second book in this magical world, and I’ll be reading it as soon as he finishes, and plan to review it mid-month.

Do you have a favorite haunting fantasy novel? Share it with me in the comments! I love adding to my TBR list!



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2 responses to “D is for Drusilla (Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton)

  1. Never heard of this book, but it sure sounds interesting.
    Thanks for sharing.

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